Jack the Ripper Tour

November 10th 2022


On the 8th November 2022, 27 students from years 8 & 9 embarked on a rewards trip to Whitecahpel for a guided Jack the Ripper tour. The trip supported the year 8 scheme of work 'Jack the Ripper' and students gained the opportunity to extend their knowledge of the canonical five victims, Jack the Ripper's identity and the environment of Whitechapel in which the murders took place. 

Students had the following to say about the trip: 

"Tour was good all round! Great day out in Whitechapel."

"The tour guide Angie was very factual and her tone of voice was very engaging."

"It was very interesting to visit the sites of the Jack the Ripper murders, my favourite part was when the tour guide Angie would show us images on her iPad. It was very interactive!"