Year 8

“To learn and to care.”

Having settled into life at secondary school during Year 7, the focus for this academic year is on developing maturity and independence in students’ learning and a growth mindset. The positive routines that were developed in Year 7 must now be embedded, allowing students to increase their capacity for learning. All students in Year 8 are seen as young adults and therefore capable of making the right decisions.

Students will be supported in their learning by a form tutor, who has an overview of their learning and they will be a daily contact providing support and assistance.  The Achievement Team Leader, Mr Scaysbrook, is responsible for the learning and achievement of the year group along with the KS3 Year Care Team who provide the additional pastoral support that students need.

Excellent attendance of over 96% is expected at Abbs Cross Academy. Only by attending school regularly and on time will students achieve their true potential. The school will support by regular calls, attendance certificates, rewards trips and regular monitoring to keep students on track.

As you would expect, we insist on high standards of work and behaviour at all times.Every student must follow the school Code of Conduct and be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. Letters, certificates and praise through assemblies are awarded for outstanding work, and we are keen to recognise good working habits. Equally, sanctions are used when students do not try their best or fail to follow the school rules. We are very clear that students must take responsibility for their actions at all times.

Students are encouraged to play an active role in the wider life of the school and each tutor group has multiple student roles to develop young leaders. These include being representatives of the regular Year 8 Student Council meetings ensuring that the student voice is heard or joining one of the many student leadership committees available to Year 8.

Your child should expect to be set homework regularly. This must be written in their homework diary, which parents must check and sign weekly. We wish to build a strong relationship between home and school as this is a proven formula in helping students achieve. Students are encouraged to use the excellent library and ICT facilities that can be used before and after school to support them with any homework. Students can receive additional support by attending homework club after school on Fridays. 

We believe in healthy competition between tutor groups and each week all forms will know where they stand with points awarded for behaviour and achievement. Every term, an award is made to the ‘Tutor Group of the Term’ and, at the end of the year the ‘Tutor Group of the Year’ is announced. There are regular competitions, quizzes and contests that all tutor groups take part in.

We place a significant emphasis on reading, and as such insist that all students have a reading book with them every day. We read together regularly in afternoon registration, specifically on Thursdays, when we take part in Whole School Reading. Improving reading skills, and developing a wider vocabulary, is an essential part of students’ learning and of our school curriculum. In addition to reading, Year 8 will also be given a ‘Knowledge Organiser’. This booklet will be filled with subject specific vocabulary and terms for students to revise and support their study.

Students will have the opportunity to work on their understanding of personal, social, cultural and health issues on a regular basis within their tutor group. This will further develop their understanding of the world around them, and add to their growing maturity as responsible young people.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at school should you wish to do so.

Mr Scaysbrook 
Achievement Team Leader

Abs y8 year team