Year 7

“It’s choice not chance that determines your destiny.”

The transition from Primary school to Year 7 is an exciting journey into young adulthood in which our students will embark on a range of challenges and develop new skills along the way, such as being inquisitive, having determination, empathy and resilience. The students will take some of this journey independently but will always be guided, advised and supported by the staff at Abbs Cross Academy, including their form tutors, Year Care Team (YCT) and Achievement Team Leader (ATL)

Students will be supported with their learning primarily by their form tutor who is the first point of contact and with whom rests the responsibility to build a comprehensive view of their tutees’ learning. As Achievement Team Leader for Year 7 I will be in charge of the learning, achievement and academic progress of every student in the year group. Miss Branton is the Year 7 Care Team and is responsible for the students’ well-being and pastoral needs.  Furthermore, she will monitor behaviour and help students and parents with any concerns they have. We also work very closely with the SEN department to ensure that all students are supported in every aspect of their school life.

Abbs Cross Academy will ensure that students are provided with a happy and safe environment where they are able to develop both their academic and social skills. We believe that a good start in Year 7 will help build a strong foundation for successful learning and achievement. Here at Abbs Cross Academy every child matters and this can be seen in the inclusive approach taken towards all areas of school life.

To help the students on their journey, clear guidelines are put in place which will allow the pupils to grow and mature, whilst allowing them to achieve the best they can both academically and personally. Students will receive academic support when needed, and targets for improvement will be highlighted to help students raise their attainment. Students will receive homework to ensure that they have every opportunity of matching their potential with their achievements. As part of a shared responsibility towards the development of all students, we ask that parents also monitor the completion of homework and check and sign the homework planner every week.

We believe that communication between parents and the school plays a large part in the development of our young people so key information will be displayed on the Abbs Cross Academy website. If there are any queries or concerns about your child’s progress, please feel free to contact your child’s form tutor, Mrs Moore (ATL) or Miss Branton and Mrs Young (YCT).

Mrs Moore
Achievement Team Leader