Our School

Abbs Cross would appear to be named after St Ebba, the name being corrupted to St Abbs. Exactly how Abbs Cross came by its name is lost in antiquity but there is little doubt that there is some connection between the early saint and the cross-roads.

Abbs Cross was opened in 1958 as a Technical School and expanded and reorganised in 1973 as a comprehensive school. Academy status was granted in 2011. Abbs Cross Academy became part of the Loxford School Trust in 2016.

We are very lucky to have such fantastic facilities such as our leisure centre with an air conditioned gym and a large indoor swimming pool. More information about the facilities can be found on the PE Department page. Our sports facilities are open to the public after school and at weekends.

The school is best known for its performing arts but also we have good reputation for our sporting achievements. We offer extensive programme of extra-curricular activities within Dance, Drama and Music.

Our facilities include:

  • Learning Resource Centre
  • A Sports Centre with Swimming Pool
  • Drama and Music Centres
  • A Dedicated SEND area
  • Four computer suites
  • Canteen