Summer Showcase 2022

July 18th 2022

Abbs Cross Academy presented its first ever Summer Showcase, to end the 2022 academic year.

Dance, drama and music acts took to the stage with professionalism and confidence, entertaining a very enthusiastic audience!

Thank you to all of the acts involved in both the matinee and evening performance, it was a truly spectacular evening, one that was enjoyed by so many. 

The performing acts can be seen below:

  • Young Voices: ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’
  • Yr8&9 Dance Club: ‘Legally Blonde’
  • Bands: ‘Wonderwall’
  • Grace and Angelo: ‘The School Camp’
  • Eva: ‘Gymnastic Fantastic’
  • Bands: ‘One Day’
  • Olivia: ‘Girls Like That’
  • Erin: ‘I Drink Wine’
  • Skye and Tara: ‘Applause’
  • Jimmy: ‘Matilda’
  • Olivia and Ellie-Mae: ‘Attention’
  • Yr7&8 Drama Club: ‘Snow White’
  • Bands: ‘London Calling’
  • Jayda: ‘Clown’
  • Yr7 Dance Troupe: ‘That’s What I Like’
  • Ciara, Olivia and Skye: ‘Nobody Gonna Tell Nobody’
  • Yr7&8 Drama Club: ‘Sleeping Beauty’
  • Ruby: ‘Amen’
  • Jamie: ‘Losing My Mind’
  • Young Voices: ‘Cup Song’
  • Young Voices with Lily: ‘I Dreamed A Dream’
  • Yr9 Drama Club: ‘Memories Lost’
  • Connor: ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’
  • Bands: ‘Sweater Weather’
  • Yr7 Dance Club: ‘Mary Poppins’
  • Jack: ‘Beggin’’
  • Lily: 'Solo'
  • GCSE Dance: ‘Samba Magic’