Science Museum trip

December 8th 2022

Across the 5th & 6th of December the entire of year 7 ventured across London for an action packed day at the Science Museum.  Student's explored the world of medical innovation from prosthetics to autopsies, from vaccinations to medieval lobotomies and the revolution that was medical imaging.  In this area student's learnt about the changes in medicine over the years and the importance of chemistry alongside biology.  We then moved on for a voyage around their genetics in the "Who and I?" section.   Discoveries such as the genome project, inheritance and gene mutation. They worked through the interactive displays seeing the future eye colour of their children, looking at how they may age, examining DNA under a microscope and learning more about foetal development. 

Finally it was time to blast off into space and explore the atmosphere outside the planet as they know it.  It's safe to say that by the end of their time in this area every single student understood how astronauts use the toilet in space along with a host of other (more useful) information.

It was a fantastic trip for year 7 and we look forward to taking them on many more in the future.


Miss Lyus & Miss Kumar

Year 7 ATL & Head of Science