Table Tennis Inter-form tournament

April 1st 2022

The P.E. department continued with their successful inter-form program.

Inter-form tournaments are run termly, with sign-ups for the tournaments completed within form time. 

This term it was Table tennis, which required 2 boys and 2 girls from each form. 

They would compete in their own separate round robin leagues, with the points being collected from each league going to the grand total. 

The standard of table tennis has improved massively, through good teaching and learning within the P.E. department.

Engagement was very high within all year groups.

The results for the inter-form tournaments for years 7-10 are below;

Year 7

  • 1st       7S
  • 2nd      7B
  • 3rd       7M
  • 4th       7C/ 7R
  • 5th       
  • 6th       7A

Year 8

  • 1st       8M
  • 2nd      8R
  • 3rd      8B
  • 4th       8A
  • 5th       8S
  • 6th       8C

Year 9

  • 1st 9B
  • 2nd 9S 9M
  • 3rd 9R
  • 4th
  • 5th 9C
  • 6th 9A

Year 10

  • 1st 10S
  • 2nd 10A
  • 3rd 10C
  • 4th 10M
  • 5th 10B
  • 6th 10R

Well done to all those who competed !