Arc Theatre Group: No Excuses Performance

April 1st 2022

Year 8, 9 and some Year 10 Prefects watched a captivating and thought provoking interactive performance piece from The Arc Theatre Group called No Excuses.   

In direct response to Ofsted Report on sexual abuse in schools, Arc theatre devised a new Healthy Relationships performance project for secondary schools - No Excuses, which explores sexual harassment taking place in and out of school. Designed to improve young people’s cognitive and critical thinking skills and reinforce positive messages, No Excuses supports Abbs Cross students to develop new and counter narratives to challenge Violence Against Women and Girls, abuse, misogyny, and domestic violence.

No Excuses has been created to support schools to successfully deliver the new RSHE (Relationships, Sex and Health Education) curriculum, including teaching about pornography, explicit images and nudes, sexting, cyberbullying and sexual abuse, in contrast to healthy relationships, positive lifestyles, respect and consent.

No Excuses was designed and delivered by Education Director Natalie Smith – a trained Women’s Aid ‘Expect Respect’ advocate, who is joined on tour by Arc’s professional, highly-skilled actors. The performance scenario was written specially for the project by Clifford Oliver - Arc’s Founder and Resident Writer, who has over 35 years’ experience of creating ground-breaking original issue-based plays and drama scenarios for young people and adults, which explore a wide range of current social, moral, spiritual, and ethical themes.

The Abbs Cross students asked a wide range of constructive questions and were an excellent, considerate audience. These questions and further feedback will form part of the forthcoming PSCHE curriculum to further educate Abbs Cross students to help recognise and respect healthy relationships both in and outside of school.