Summer school

November 2nd 2021

During the first two weeks of the Summer Holidays, Abbs Cross School held a Summer School for a number of students. 

We offered places on the Summer School to all the students who would be joining us in Year 7 in September and had a fantastic response with students joining us for the first two weeks of the holidays. 

Places were also offered to students who would be Year 11 and Year 8 in September with a similar response for places. 

Every student who indicated that they wanted to join us in the Summer School were offered a place and there were often over 200 students enjoying the activities, lessons and sports on offer. 

The Summer School was a great way to support Year 7 students and their parents in the transition process making their official start in September easier and less stressful. 

Lessons and Activities included English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, French, and PE.  

The DfE Funding of 82, 505.40  covered our costs including the 30 wonderful teachers who volunteered to help our students during the Summer School, lunch for the students, support from our Year Care Team and Learning Support Assistants, our hardworking caretakers and cleaning staff as well as the costs of electricity and gas.