Inter form competitions 2021

October 4th 2021

Year 8 Netball.

On Tuesday 23rd September Year 8 Girls came and took part in the Inter form Netball competition. After being unable to take part in Inter form activities last year, Year 8 were very keen to attend. Year 8 arrived and were eager to get on court. It was a sight both Miss Pilling and Mrs Moore had longed to see, smiling faces, laughter and the enjoyment of playing sport. Games were played in a round robin tournament with tutor groups playing against one another. The students really enjoyed using our newly refurbished Netball courts on a lovely sunny afternoon. After some competitive games and a great demonstration of students' knowledge learnt in lessons, the overall winners were 8A.  Congratulations and well done to all who attended. It was really a great competition. Thank you to the Year 10 GCSE PE students who came to support, lead and umpire the games.

Year 10 Netball.

Where do I start? A ferociously competitive tournament with a real hunger for the game. A pleasing number of students attended and played an afternoon of netball. We played a round robin competition which saw wins, losses and draws. It made for an interesting competition as 3rd and 4th places were tied on points. A count back of goals scored was the order of the day for 10B and 10R, counting goals scored. A difference of three goals between them, finishing 3rd and 4th. 10C were the eventual deserved winners, winning two games and drawing one, with 10A finishing second. Well done to all those who participated.

Year 7 Football.

It was the Year 7’s first experience of inter-form at Abbs Cross Academy. They certainly enjoyed themselves and, really got involved with the team spirit that these inter-form tournaments promote.

The year 7 form tutors made sure they were, out there to show their support too.         

There were some close games, in the round robin tournament. Two forms remained unbeaten in the 5 games played 7A and 7B, scoring 11 points and 9 points respectively. These two forms met in the final, with the remaining 4 forms watching and enjoying the spectacle.

It was 7B who eventually won the final 1-0, due to an unlucky touch from the goalkeeper going into the goal.

Congratulations to 7B who remained unbeaten and did not concede a goal.

Very worthy winners. Well done

Final placings.

  • 1st 7B
  • 2nd 7A
  • 3rd 7S
  • 4th 7C
  • 5th7R
  • 6th 7M


Year 8 Football.

In the Year 8 inter-form football tournament, there was one team who stood out. 7A looked very strong defensively, the question would be whether they had enough attacking skill to score?

As the group stages finished 7A were unbeaten and won all of their games most were 1-0 victories.

The 3rd and 4th place play off finished 0-0 and went to penalties. 8B took 8M to the wire and sudden death penalties. 8M slotted home a winning penalty allowing them to finish 3rd.

All eyes were now on the final between 8A and 8R, it was a championship performance and 8A cruised to victory. It was a comfortable win for 8A who never looked like they were in any danger.

Congratulations to 8A.

  • 1st   8A         
  • 2nd  8R
  • 3rd 8M
  • 4th 8B
  • 5th TIED 8SC


Year 10 Football.

Group 1

All games were drawn in group 1 with 10R drawing both 0-0. 10C and 10M played out a 1-1 draw that meant both teams went through on goals scored (1). 

Group 2

10B convincingly beat 10A 3-0 in their opening group game but lost 1-0 to 10S in their second game. 10S went on to win their second game 1-0 against 10A and went through top of the group. 

The two semi-finals that followed were between 10M and 10S, this finished 1-0 to 10S and 10B versus 10S, another 1-0. 

The final was played out between 10C and 10S. Two quick fire goals for 10S in the opening minutes was too much for 10B and a strike in the closing minutes saw them lift the coveted prize of Year 10 inter form football winners with a 3-0 victory.

Well done 10S.