The Dance Department

September 29th 2021

The Dance Department has started the school year extremely positively, with students experiencing different styles of dance on their curriculum.

In particular, Year 7 have been focusing on perfecting the ‘5 Basic Body Actions of Dance’, working on their balances, both individual and connecting.  Whilst Year 10 settled into the start of their GCSE journey, rehearsing various sequences from contemporary, to jazz, to cardiovascular, from the corner and in the centre. Year 8 and 9 are working equally as hard, working on styles of dance through the decades or from iconic music!

Dance extra-curricular is now also well established!  Come along to the below lunchtime to be part of a dance troupe and perform in the Winter Variety Performance!

  • Year 7 – Monday Lunchtime
  • Year 8 & 9 – Tuesday Lunchtime