Year 7 and 8 Dance Club

Our Year 10 GCSE Dance students have supported the Dance department, by running lunchtime workshops, for year 7 and 8 students, in different styles of dance.

The workshops have been planned independently, by year 10 students.  The short sessions have been executed professionally and maturely and enjoyed by all participants.

Thank you for the below students who have given their time to run extra-curricular:

  • Kian (Partner work, in the style of Capoeira)
  • Saffiah (Small group work, in canon, in the style of contemporary)
  • Daniel and Harriet (Whole troupe, in the style of street dance)
  • Izzy, Tilly and Tatum (Whole troupe, in the style of lyrical)
  • Lucy (Small group work, in the style of commercial jazz/ street)

Year 7 and 8 dance club will start again in September.