Visit to the Tate Gallery

Tate Modern 2 Tate Modern 4

40 year 11 students went to the Tate Gallery on Wednesday 13th January as part of their preparation for their final examination. They took photographs of the buildings, old and new, as they walked across the Jubilee Bridge and once in the Turbine Hall they were divided into smaller groups to explore a range of different work in the permanent galleries.

One gallery concentrated on ways artists argue for change and engage with social ideas whilst another showed the range of materials artists use to create their work.

Students were encouraged in their booklets to record work they liked, disliked or found challenging and this will in turn inspire their own ideas and provide the basis for further research.

Their written comments reveal how much they got out of this trip. Some learnt that they liked things that are more unusual which used new processes and artforms such as installation work, film and photography, whilst others preferred more traditional styles. Some have plans to return with friends over half term as they enjoyed it more than they imagined.

‘It made me more aware of what art can be and gave me many ideas.’
‘The booklet was useful because it made me focus on some artists I would not have looked at before and taking photos and making drawings will help me remember them.’
‘It was important to see artwork in a gallery because you can see work first hand and notice extra details that you wouldn’t see in a photograph’.

It was a very successful trip and it is hoped that the fruits of the day will be noted in exam sketchbooks and final pieces this summer.