Visit to Ravenscourt Care Home


On Tuesday 17th December students from years 7-10 visited Ravenscourt Care Home.  The students led a sing-a-long of a selection of Christmas songs and carols old and new.  Many of the residents joined in and loved seeing the young people coming in for the afternoon.  After the singing had finished the students took time to talk to the residents, share out mince pies and spread some festive cheer.

The students loved the experience as much as the residents and are looking forward to returning to lead art classes, perform dance routines and play out scenes from their drama classes.

Year 8 students also wrote letters to residents of the home in order to share some of their thoughts about Christmas. One of those students perfectly captured the feelings of all of us in writing:

  • “My family and I are thankful for everything we have but we understand that some people are not as lucky as we are. That’s what I think Christmas is is all about: being grateful for what we do have.”