Sports Day 2021

Students at Abbs Cross had a fantastic time participating in Sports Days 2021. The sun was shining… eventually and we saw amazing performances from many of our students. All students took part in competitive team games to win points for their tutor group. Then we focused on athletics on the track where students cheered on each other in events such as the 4x100m relay. We had a girl’s race, a boy’s race and mixed, girls and boys race. The PE Department were proud of the high levels of enthusiasm, competitiveness and participation displayed from our students as they put the skills learnt throughout the year into practise. The team spirit and competitive nature demonstrated was second to none. Well done to everyone for taking part and congratulations to the winners. 7D, 8J,9J and 10R.

Thank you so much to all of the staff who supported the PE Department on the various days.

Year 7

The bench ball competition ran very well with all students participating and working well together as a team. The competition was won by 7D, a very competitive team who were very well organised with some great tactical awareness. Second position was 7E, a close game against them and 7D was a nail biter. Third and fourth positions went to 7L and 7F whilst fifth and sixth went to 7J and 7K. A very well contested competition where all girls were able to demonstrate their Netball skills learnt in lessons.

In the Football competition 7F were unbeaten in their league run, but were unable to convert enough shots into goals. Only scoring one goal in 5 games and that came from the penalty spot. They would meet 7J in the 3rd v 4th place play off and lost on penalties, finishing 4th. The final saw 7L play 7D with 7D scoring with a brilliant strike into the top right corner. They defended for the rest of the game very well and won the final 1-0. Well done 7D.

Year 8

The girls played fiercely contesting the Year 8 bench ball competition. 8J were victors winning all games, a clean sweep. 8E finished second and narrowly missed first position, losing against 8D and 8J. 8L finished third with 30 points but on count back had lost against 8L. Fourth position was 8F, fifth 8D and 8K with a very hard fought 6th position.   The athletics relay events were extremely competitive with students running 4x100m. 8K were the victors in the boys race and 8F in the girls. The mixed relay saw 8J win by a small margin. In the Football competition it was a 3 way race to the finals between 8J, 8E and 8F. The top two teams in the league would meet in the final. Some of the significant results were …8E vs 8F ended in a 1-1 draw, 8E beating 8J 1-0/,8J beating 8F 2-1. With 8F dropping points against 8E and 8J they missed out on a spot in the final.  The final saw 8J make a step up in the football they were playing leading them to a comfortable win of 2-0.

Year 9

The Bench ball competition was tactical with girls adopting all sorts of strategies and tactics to outwit their opponents. 9J and 9L played in the final round, which was a spectacle to observe. On the day 9J won but the game was exciting and competitive. 9K and 9E competed for 3rd and 4th positions, again on count back 9E just beating 9K to the post. Finally, 9F and 9D finished in 5th and 6th positions respectively. In the athletics events 9J finished in first position winning one race and finishing in second for the other two. A very strong performance. Second and third places went to 9F and 9L, the girls team winning their race for the year group. Fourth and fifth positions were 9E and 9D with 9K in sixth for the Athletics.

The Football competition was the most competitive football tournament we have had so far. 9D looked like dark horses to reach the finals picking up a few good results early on. Unfortunately this petered out with the Final being made up of 9E and 9J. It was 0-0 at full time, 0-0 within extra time which meant only one thing… penalties. Each team had 3 penalties before it went to sudden death. Both forms scored their first 4 penalties. The 9E keeper got their hands to a penalty however it was not strong enough to keep out. However on the next penalty the 9J was strong enough to keep the shot out, giving 9J the victory on penalties.

Year 10

The first session with Year 10 saw a tough bench ball competition. Every student participated in the event, which was very close, all round. 10M were the eventual champions in the Bench ball competition winning all five games. A closely fought second position went to 10A and then 10B, R and S were only separated by a count back for the games they had played for third, fourth and fifth positions. Finally 10C finished in 6th position after many well contested games. In the Athletics the girls finished in the following positions: 10A 1st, 10R 2nd, 10S 3rd, 10B 4th, 10C 5th, 10M 6th. In the Year 10 Football competition the tone was set high with the standard of football being played by 10R. A fast paced, possession based style of play, which exhausted all of their opponents. This led them to being unbeaten throughout the league fixtures and did not concede either. 10C met them in the final, it looked like it was heading to penalties with the scores at 0-0. Until a last minute goal was scored by 10R giving them the 1-0 win and making it their 4th successive football title at sports day.


Overall Sports day 2021 Year positions were:

Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
7 7D 7L 7F 7J 7E 7K
8 8J 8E 8F 8K 8L 8D
9 9J 9E 9L 9F 9D 9K
10 10R 10A 10M 10C 10S 10B