At times it may be necessary to consult with outside agencies to receive specialised expertise.

The agencies used by the school include

Children and Adults with Disabilities    5-19 Support Team

Educational Psychologist

Advisory Teacher

The Academy has a designated educational psychologist who visits the school. This enables us to access a range of consultation services, assessment and intervention support as well as training.

Our Educational Psychologist consults with parents and staff to explore issues that may interfere with a student’s learning. Strategies discussed between the people involved in a child’s education are hoped to promote progress and inclusion using knowledge, experience and relevant research.

In addition to this the school is also able to receive advice and support from the allocated advisory teacher from the CAD 5-19 team.

CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service)

Where necessary, we are able to refer students to CAMHS directly. Parents can also refer to CAMHS via their GP.

CAMHS provide outpatient assessment and treatment for children and young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Team members are likely to include child and adolescent psychiatrists, social workers, clinical psychologists, community psychiatric nurses, child psychotherapists, occupational therapists, as well as art, music and drama therapists. The Academy has a dedicated linked STAR worker.

Educational Welfare Officers

Our Education Welfare Officer visits the Academy on a weekly basis. Students whose attendance has dipped below 95% are referred to the service.

By law, children aged between five and 16 must receive a full-time education. Parents are responsible for making sure this happens.

Social Services If the Academy has a concern about a child or young person who may be suffering harm we immediately contact the Havering referral and assessment team for advice and support. We also liaise closely when one of our students is Looked After by the Local Authority, is subject to a Child Protection Plan or is considered a Child in Need.
Speech & Language Therapy The academy is able to refer to the speech and language therapy service. Some students are seen outside of school in clinic.
School Nurse The Academy has a designated school nurse who visits regularly. The school nurse offers a wide ranging service which includes

  • health screening
  • care plans for children with additional health needs, for example allergies, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy
  • ad hoc health assessments relating to concerns around child protection and child in need reviews
  • children with special needs: supporting parents and advising teaching staff
  • working with teaching staff to deliver personal, social and health education (PSHE)

health promotion – providing advice on a range of topics, including: sexual health, smoking, maintaining a healthy weight and drugs and alcohol

Other outside support agencies The Academy also refers to a number of organisations such as Young Addaction, Havering Parents Service and Children’s Society
School counsellor The Academy is able to refer to a school counsellor who will see students in school.
ABC Behaviour Counselling The Academy is able to refer to a school counsellor who will see students in school.
HBBS Bereavement Counselling The Academy is able to refer to a counsellor who will see students in school.
Playback Mentoring The Academy is able to refer students in years 9 -11 to a mentor who will meet with them on a weekly basis. The mentoring is designed to provide targeted support to students based on a range of issues in order to help them to undo barriers to learning and to improve academic progress.
Alternative Provision Some students require an alternative to full time mainstream education. The school is able to make referrals to the following places:

  • Future Gateways
  • KORU
  • Lambourne End
  • The Bridge (for students with complex medical needs)

All alternative provision placements are expected to be fixed term and designed to support the reintegration of students back into mainstream education.