Sadler’s Wells Theatre

On Thursday 27th September, Year 11 GCSE Dance went to see the English National Ballet perform at the  Sadler’s Wells Theatre.  The performance showed a selection of pieces, dedicated to the war named ‘Lest We Forget’.

The performance itself was emotional  and gave  us an insight into the different scenarios that people went through during the war periods.  It was a very educational and eye-opening experience for everybody who went and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  During every interval, we would discuss the section, sharing different opinions on what parts were effective.

I really enjoyed watching the ballet and believe that it was a different experience for the

whole class and they thought so too.  The coach journey home was filled with conversation of everyone’s favorite parts and how much they loved the performance.

The trip to the English National Ballet was a great one, which I am sure we will all remember for a long time.

Jessica, Year 11 GCSE Dance (Head Girl)

‘When travelling to Sadler’s Wells Theatre, my class and year 10 students, discussed what we expected from the performance.  We tried to guess routines and motifs that would be performed, costumes that would be used and accompaniment that would compliment the ballet routines.


We  disembarked the coach was walked together, into the theatre, to our seats in the dress circle.  Everyone was anticipating the performance that was to come and everyone was excited.  The lights dimmed, the talking stopped and the curtain rose.  The performance included three poignant works, which reflected the expressions of those who fought in the conflict of the war and those who stayed behind.  All pieces were very emotional and included multiple technical and complex  choreography, which was amazing to watch and absolutely stunning.  


The performance has inspired me to incorporate theme and expression into my future choreography creations and performances.  A writer from The Telegraph wrote ‘The performance stays with you, long after the curtain falls’ and I could not agree more – this is one performance that I will never forget.’