London Youth Games (Dance)

‘London Youth Games (Dance) – Copperbox Arena’

AX Jnrs and AX Dance Company, boarded the coach (along with Miss Monaghan and Mr Scaysbrook) to start their journey to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’s stadium – The Copper Box Arena.

AX Jnrs and AX Dance Company won the regional dance competition, held at Abbs Cross Academy in January, both winning the title of Best Troupe in the borough of Havering.

This is the 6th year that Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College have represented the borough of Havering at the London Youth Games: Dance for KS3 and the 5th year for KS4. There are 32 boroughs in London. 24 competed for KS3 and 24 competed for KS4.


AX Jnrs – KS3 Category

AX Jnrs performed a piece entitled ‘ICONs’.  Our dance description read: Watch out!  There are some mega stars about!  Not just mega stars, but ICONs.  ICONs from the decades – most loved and most favoured by the nation.  AX Jnrs take you on a musical journey, merging and exploring ICONs from different decades, showing excitement, style and genre through action, dynamics, expression and costume. 

Feedback from the judges included:  ‘Great costume’, ‘Enjoyment which is important…’, ‘Brought the music from the decades alive – you make me want to dance!’, ‘You have used the stage really well, performance skills were great – great stagecraft’.

AX Jnrs were incredible (as always) scoring 72.7 out of 100; sadly, we did not place for a medal.


AX Dance Company – KS4 Category  

AX Dance Company performed a piece entitled ‘SNOW WHITE’.  Our dance description read: The story of Snow White is a widely popular fairy tale loved by many people.  Snow White wakes in the forest, with love and trust, sharing her free spirit with others. Snow White then travels, with her trusty forest people and to her rightful home, the castle, on foot and in carriages. When suddenly, the Wicked Witch gets in her Wicked ways, attempting to stop Snow White from getting her happily ever after and attempts to possess Snow White!  The chase and the battle continues, but who will win and gain the respect of all the land?

Feedback from the judges included:   ‘Characterisation is on point – just there and never failing!’, ‘Clarity of movement was razor sharp.’, ‘Transitions really worked, as if they were scene changes!’.

AX Dance Company were outstanding (as always) scoring 88.5 out of 100; only 8 points away from first place!


A Message From Miss Monaghan

I am so immensely proud of every single one of you. Your performance today was incredible and you performed with excellence and professionalism. Your mannerisms and behaviour throughout the day makes me proud. Well done on being the Havering Champions and for your successes during the Copperbox competition. You are all winners in my eyes!