Latin American Dance Workshop

The dance department welcomed Georgia Hussey to the studio, to lead a Latin American dance workshop, courtesy of Kian (year 11) Jack Petchey Award. GCSE Dance, along with performers of the Winter Variety and Choreography exam, were invited to attend the workshop.

Students learned two choreographies, one to Conga, Gloria Estefan – performing fast, peevise and dynamic actions, in the style of Latin American Dance. Latin American dance includes actions from cha-cha, rumba, samba and jive – meaning the students needed plenty of energy, commitment and individual style!

Georgia taught with professionalism, enthusiasm and flair – encouraging students out of their comfort zone, inspiring them to commit to the choreography being taught and challenging students, not only through the complex choreography and style taught, but through teamwork, physicality and expressive quality.

Thank you Kian for pushing his Jack Petchey Award prize towards the workshop and to Georgia for another amazing workshop!