Indonesian Dance and Music Workshop

In November 2019, Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College were lucky enough to host an Indonesian Dance and Music workshop, along with Sundanese art projects, produced by SMKN 10 Bandug, called Ngajomantara, (lit. Going Global).

Dance Drama and Music students across year 9 and 10, were able to experience a combination of traditional Sundanese culture, with a modern touch, through a four hour workshop, led by students from SMKN 10 Bandung, a state vocational high school for the arts and creative industries located in Bandug, Republic of Indonesia.

The workshop was exhilarating, full of fun fill knowledge and activities, for all to enjoy – finishing with a merged performance of Dance and Music. Our students shared their performance skills, performing GCSE sequences and sets and then observed traditional choreography and music from our Indonesian visitors.

Thank you to all of our visitors, who made the workshop wonderfully creative and memorable.