Havering Secondary Dance Competition

On Monday 22nd January 2018, Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College held the Secondary Dance Competition in the Thornton Hall.  Lauren Meck, Amy Ross and Dinah, professional dancers from the industry, joined the event as judges and score performances of the Havering schools and academies.

AX Jnrs (KS3 Dance) performed the ‘Magic’ choreography on stage with excellent performance skills and immaculate execution, the only critique from the judges was to increase the use of space.

AX Dance Company (KS4 Dance) performed ‘Mannequin’. The judges enjoyed the performance and said the performance skills throughout the performance were ‘outstanding’.

AX Jnrs and AX Dance Company won their categories, meaning they will now attend the Copperbox Arena on Tuesday 13th March 2018, competing against 27 London Boroughs, for the title of London Champions 2018.

This is the forth year that AX Jnrs have won the Havering Borough Competition and the third year that AX Dance Company have won.

Well done and thank you to the hard work and dedication of the below students:


Year 8:  Bethany Counihan, Megan Hardy, Katie James, Rume Okuku, Chloe Slade, Brooke Sier, Lily Stevens, Jessica Stewart, Mali Tookey and Keturah Treasure.


Year 9: Izzy Mcphee, Allysa Minnaar, Isabelle Hands and Tilly Fisher.


Year 10: Grace Hood, Darcy Runham, Harry Coney, Holly Armes, Lauri Fordham-Reed, Teagan Monks, Maisie Norris, Charlotte Hind, Lara Smith and Daisy Campbell


Year 11: Summer Jones, Libby Ryan, Molly Smith and Katie Vine


Miss Monaghan

CTL of Dance