Cricket Interform Results Are In!

Throughout the final week of term Cricket matches between forms took place within lessons.

3 play-offs were played with the following forms playing each other in lesson.

  • A vs B
  • S Vs C
  • R Vs M

Whatever form won their play-off game, was invited to the interform finals tournament after school.

The 3 teams played each other in a round robin tournament, with the top 2 playing each other in a Final.

There is a high value, to winning an interform event. Points from these tournaments are added on to the Sports day totals !


Congratulations to the following forms on winning their respective tournaments.

With thanks some of our GCSE Physical Education students whom assisted in the umpiring of the game.

  • Year 7 – 7A
  • Year 8 – 8R
  • Year 9 -9B