AX Jnrs and AX Dance: London Youth Games

On Wednesday 13th March 2018, AX Jnrs and AX Dance Company, boarded the coach (along with Miss Monaghan and Mr Ricketts) to start their journey to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’s stadium – The Copper Box Arena.

AX Jnrs and AX Dance Company won the regional dance competition, held at Abbs Cross Academy in January, both winning the title of Best Troupe in Havering.

This is the 4th year that Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College have represented the borough of Havering at the London Youth Games: Dance for KS3 and the 3rd year for KS4. There are 33 boroughs in London. 25 competed for KS3 and 21 competed for KS4.

The morning session was very exciting, showing choreographies based on toys, asylums, armies and carnivals. AX Jnrs performed their troupe dance, entitled ‘Magic’, a choreography portraying multiple aspects of magic (good and bad), showing the battle between wizards and magicians, as well as spells and sorcery.

The afternoon session was intense. KS4 dance within the London boroughs has become a fusion of street dance, carnival and contemporary dance, incorporating excitement during every minute of every performance! AX Dance Company performed their troupe dance, entitled ‘Mannequin’, a choreography that mesmerises the audience, looking at style and beauty, through characterisation, cat walking, posing and strutting, competing for the right to be noticed.

AX Jnrs were incredible (as always) and received 78.7/ 100, gaining 7th place out of 25 (only 2.3 marks away from Bronze position!)

AX Dance Company performed (in my opinion) the best I have ever seen and received 81.0/ 100, gaining 7th place out of 21 (only 6 marks away from Bronze position!)

The competition was so close and I hope that all of AX Jnrs and AX Dance Company are as proud of their achievements as I am. Both troupes continue to impress me with their flair, passion and team spirit. I am so immensely proud of all of you, as always. You are all winners in my eyes!

Congratulations to AX Jnrs and AX Dance Company (and thank you to Mr Ricketts for his support throughout the day!):

Year 8: Bethany Counihan, Megan Hardy, Katie James, Rume Okuku, Chloe Slade, Lily Stevens, Jessica Stewart, Mali Tookey and Keturah Treasure.

Year 9: Izzy Mcphee, Allysa Minnaar, Isabelle Hands and Tilly Fisher.

Year 10: Grace Hood, Darcy Runham, Harry Coney, Holly Armes, Lauri Fordham-Reed, Teagan Monks, Maisie Norris, Charlotte Hind, Lara Smith and Daisy Campbell.

Year 11: Summer Jones, Libby Ryan, Molly Smith and Katie Vine

Miss Monaghan, CTL of Dance