An Evening of Drama

The intimate event ran in our drama department, sharing performances from the Component 2 exam.  The evening explores serious and often demanding scripts, including ‘Find Me’, ‘The Pillowman’ and ‘Girls Like That’.

  • Find Me: Find Me is a play based on a true story. The central character is a girl named Verity Taylor who suffers with mental health problems. The play studies the effects that her condition has on her family and questions the treatment she receives by the healthcare system.
  • The Pillowman: Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman is a dark drama that takes place in a nameless totalitarian state.
  • Girls Like That: Girls Like That is an ensemble play exploring the pressures on young people today in the wake of advancing technology. It explores gender equality, friendship, body image and online sharing.

Well done to our year 11 GCSE Drama students for an intense and incredibly professional event.