An Evening Of Dance 2020

GCSE Dance students, both year 10 and 11 showcased curriculum and examination pieces, to a large audience on Monday 10th February.  Performances stunned the audience, with theme, style and flair.

Performance titles included:

  • Snow White: AX Dance Company
  • ‘A Sudden Change’, Choreography by Lucy
  • Trio Performance: Talia, Izzy and Isabelle
  • ‘Small Bump’: Year 10
  • ‘The Pain Within Me’, Choreography by Tilly
  • GCSE Dance Flux Set Phrases
  • ‘Sweet Life’, Choreography by Daniel
  • Trio Performance: Tilly, Harriet and Neve
  • ‘Life Can Find It’s Feet’, Choreography by Saffiah
  • GCSE Dance Corner Work Exercises
  • ‘Where Is Hope?’, Choreography by Izzy
  • Trio Performance: Samba: Allysa, Daniel and  Lucy
  • ‘The Revolt’, Choreography by Talia
  • Trio Performance:  Kian, Ruby and Saffiah
  • Contrasting Corner Duets: Year 10
  • ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, Choreography by Allysa
  • GCSE Dance Shift Set Phrase
  • ‘Versace On The Floor’: Year 11
  • ‘Articles’: Year 10
  • Contrasting Corner Duets: Year 11
  • Contemporary Warm Up Exercise

The standard of the GCSE choreography, technical skills and performance was outstanding and extremely professional.

The dance department would like to thank all parents and carers for their support in this event, along with supporting dancers from year 8 and 9.