Abbs Cross within the month of May

Within the month of May our students took part in the following activities:

Students in Years 7-11 received PSCHE lessons on the topics of:

PSCHE topics –

  • Year 7 – Anti Social Behaviour, mental health, British values
  • Year 8 – Ramadan, mental health, Social media
  • Year 9 – FGM, mental health, cyber bullying
  • Year 10 – Stereotyping, mental health, self-harm

Assemblies covered:

  • Year 11 – Managing anxiety
  • Year 10 – Managing anxiety
  • Year 9 – Managing anxiety
  • Year 8 – Managing anxiety
  • Year 7 – Managing anxiety

Whole School Literacy Focus:

Words of the week –

  • Intrepid – (adj.) brave in the face of danger – After scaling a live volcano prior to its eruption, the explorer was praised for his intrepid attitude.
  • Coherent – (adj.) logically consistent, intelligible – William could not figure out what Harold had seen because he was too distraught to deliver coherent statement.
  • Novice – (n.) a beginner, someone without training or experience – As we were all novices at archery, our instructor decided to begin with the basics
  • Demure (adj). quiet, modest, reserved – Though everyone else at the party was dancing and going crazy, she remained demure.
  • Incisive (adj). clear, sharp, direct – The discussion wasn’t going anywhere until her incisive comment allowed everyone to see what the true issues were.
  • Innate (adj). inborn, native, inherent – His incredible athletic talent is innate, he never trains, lifts weights, or practices.

Grammar Guidance –

Its versus It’s

  • This one tends to confuse even the best of writers. “Its” is possessive that shows ownership and “it’s” is a contraction of “it is” or “it has”.

Pupils took part in several events, including:

  • Tuesday 5th March – Year 10 Jack Petchey Speakout Challenge
  • Tuesday 7th May – Year Council Meeting
  • Wednesday 8th May – Year 9 Leadership Academy, Rainham Cricket Club
  • Thursday 9th May – Year 10, Oxford University Trip
  • Friday 10th May – Year 10 GCSE History, Trip to Whitechapel
  • Friday 17th May Year 10 GCSE History, Trip to Whitechapel
  • Monday 20th May Year 9 & 10 Parliament Outreach
  • Wednesday 22nd May Year 9 Leadership Academy, Rainham Cricket Club
  • Wednesday 22nd May – Monday 27th Year 10 Business Studies Students, New York Trip