Year 9 Sports Leaders

On Wednesday 28th November six year 9 students were selected to become sports leaders at the Havering Primary School Sports Hall Athletics competition at Hornchurch Sports Centre. They had attended sports leaders training session several weeks before the event. The sports leaders were: Nikolay, Thomas, Megan, Orianne, Alicja and Harrison. They had a fantastic day and Megan has written a piece about how they used their sports leadership skills!

“Prior to this event we had to attend a training session, where we learnt what was necessary to become a good leader.  At the competition we each had an event that we had to run along with 5 other academy schools, each academy school had 6 pupils representing their sports leaders from year 9. There were over 10 events, an example was the vertical jump, which I had to organise. There was also the long jump, relay races, triple jump and javelin. We all enjoyed our day and our aim was to make the year 6 students feel confident during the events that they took part in . The experience was eye opening and gave us an idea of what being a good sports leader was like. At the end of the day we received a leadership academy badge!” – Megan, Year 9