Year 8 Team Maths Challenge 2019

I think that the Maths Challenge was an innovative and challenging idea to boost the confidence and skills of Pupils within Abbs Cross. With an array of questions varying in difficulty, it was a great activity that brought the essence of teamwork and fun into maths.

This competition put students into mixed ability groups to even up the playing field a little. Doing this ensured that all groups would ave to use their combined set of skills to answer the questions.

Overall, the quiz inspired the pupils to persevere in maths and work as teams. This competition was a great way to get students’ brains working!

Ruby, 8B


Congratulations to all those taking part, and to the winning team of Ruby, Asha, Ruby and George.

And a big thank you to the teachers and Year 10 volunteers for helping make such a memorable day.


Mr Higgins, Director of Mathematics