Jekyll and Hyde at the Theatre

On Wednesday 4th October, Year 10 and 11 visited The Ambassador’s Theatre to see The National Youth Company’s performance of Jekyll and Hyde. The updated and modified version of the novella told the story of Harriet Jekyll, the widow of Dr Henry Jekyll. The play brought Victorian England and contemporary Soho together to demonstrate the protest against prostitution and mistreatment of women.

After the sudden death of her Husband, Harriet Jekyll continues his scientific work and inevitably ends up on the same downward spiral as Henry, one full of murder and hatred. Although the story of the play differed from the one we are currently studying, as both an English and Drama student, I took a lot away from the performance. I was able to identify the duality between Jekyll and Hyde and recognise some Brechtian techniques used to communicate the morals of the play to the audience.

Callie Sampson, 11A