On Tuesday 19th June we were accompanied by Mr Andrews, Mr Parry and Mrs Khunum to the CEME Centre to take part in a day of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) related activities including: robotics, electronics, Knex science and programming. We were split into four groups and rotated around different activities, with each activity lasting one hour.

My group and I first took part in programming. We each had our own computer and, systematically, were taught how to create our own game using some simple programming software.

The second task was robotics. First of all the teacher explained to us what we would be doing to the robot and how we would do it. He put up a set of instructions in the form of a flow chart on the board that we simply had to copy onto our own computers and add a few more steps. This flowchart would be controlling the robot that was also in front of us. The first flowchart made the robot light up and we were then tasked with programming the robot, using the flowcharts, to make it move in different directions, for specified periods of time.

After the second activity we had lunch and then continued with the next challenge, which was knex science. Overall, this was my favourite activity as we were allowed to create whatever we wanted. There were instructions on the table for those who needed/wanted them. We were given a variety of different knex pieces, and were told to make anything thing we wanted. I personally made something from the instructions booklet, but most students chose not to. Also, towards the end of this activity we were able to use a virtual reality simulator, where we were able to experience a virtual roller coaster ride.

The last activity we were given was to complete a number of electronics tasks, using a prototyping board. We were provided with a set of instructions on how to wire the different circuits. This involved us connecting wires to components in order to make the board produce the desired output. These included animal noises, making things fly, lighting up sequences and producing a simple musical tune.

Towards the end of the day we were given a small survey asking us about our day (we could keep the pen) and a certificate. I really enjoyed this experience as it gave me a clear understanding of what is involved in STEM and made me aware of possible STEM related careers. I am really grateful that I was able to take part in this day.

Amy, 9A