In RE we are learning about the 6 major world religions:

  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Sikhism
  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism

They could create fact files and research the following questions for each religion:

  1. What are the main beliefs of the religion?
  2. What are the followers of each religion called?
  3. What are the main practices for the religion?
  4. Does the religion have and celebration and commemorations?
  5. Are there any prophets in the religion?
  6. Does it share any of the same beliefs as any other religion?
  7. Are any places visited for pilgrimage?
  8. How many followers are there of the religion?
  9. Are there and denominations or sects with different beliefs within the same religion?
  10. What is their place or worship called and what happens there?



Produce a promotional booklet based on one of the following baked products that has been adapted to be healthier.

  • Sponge cake
  • Biscuit
  • Scones

Include the information on the ingredients used, allergy advice, logo (company name) cost to buy and if the product comes in any other varieties or flavours.



Find a product which really inspires you. Research:

  • Who designed it
  • What their motivation/ inspiration was
  • When they designed it
  • Who did they work for when they designed it (Were they an independent designer or work for a company?)
  • What impact it has had on society
  • Who the target market is
  • The RRP of the product


The below additional tasks will assist with your skills in Music:

  • Listen to various styles of music in your spare time
  • Understand and acknowledge different sounds and instruments that you can hear in the music
  • Watch keyboard tutorials, learning how to play your favourite songs on the keyboard
  • Request to book the Music room, to rehearse and gain feedback from your teacher


Dance topics studied in Year 7:

  • Dance Appreciation: 5 Basic Body Actions
  • Dance for Musicals: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Dance Genre: Street Jazz


The below additional tasks will assist with your skills in Drama:

  • Reading different genres of books will increase your knowledge and understanding of
    • characters
    • narrative
    • structure
    • concept
  • Be able to identify, demonstrate and explain still image, narration, mime and thought tracking
  • Plan performances/ write miniature scripts based on ‘Haunted House’ or ‘Pantomime’


Work in Case of School Closure


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