Welcome to Year 7

“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.”

Here at Abbs Cross Academy we are extremely delighted about the exciting journey that our Year 7’s will be taking with us this academic year. During their journey into young adulthood the students will experience a range of challenges, develop existing skills and create new ones. We believe that the Secondary school experience should allow students to develop the necessary skills for life, such as being inquisitive, having determination, feeling empathy and resilience. Within the first year these skills should grow and allow them to become great ambassadors in their communities. The students will take some of this journey independently and will be well supported by the staff at Abbs Cross Academy.

In Year 7 you will find that all staff work hard to ensure that students are provided with a happy and safe environment where they are able to develop their academic and social skills. We believe that a good start in Year 7 will help built a strong foundation for successful learning. Here at Abbs Cross every child matters and this can be seen from the inclusive approach to all students within the school. Students at the school will be supported with their learning primarily by their form tutor who is the first point of contact and with whom responsibility is to build an overview of their tutees learning. The students in the form will be given advice and guidance by their form teacher to ensure that they choose the correct path towards their learning. The Achievement Team Leader, Mrs Sharma will be in charge for the learning and achievement for the year group. Mrs Dukes is the Year 7 Care Team and is responsible for the student’s well-being, monitor the behaviour and help students and parents with any concerns they have. We also work very closely with the SEN department to ensure that all students are supported in every aspect of their school life.

To help the students on their journey clear guidelines are put in place which will allow the pupils to grow in the most positive way and allow them to achieve the best they can both academically and personally. Pupils will receive assistance when needed and areas of improvements will be highlighted to help students raise their attainment. Students will also receive homework on a weekly basis to help them reach their aspirations. We ask that parents also monitor the completion of homework and check the student’s homework diary often, signing it every week.

We believe that communication between parents and the school plays a large part in developing young people so key information will be displayed on the Abbs Cross website. If there are any queries or concerns about your child’s progress, feel free to contact your child’s form tutor, Mrs Sharma or Mrs Dukes whom will be happy to help.

Thank you in advance for your support and look forward to working with you.

Mrs S Sharma
Achievement Team Leader