Abbs Cross Academy has a vibrant Music Department that offers countless opportunities for students to develop their musical skill, both inside and outside the classroom.

During lessons, students learn how to sing, play, listen, compose and sequence music through a curriculum which is delivered through a hands on approach and beyond the classroom, there are many ensembles, concerts and trips which give students insight into music within life, leisure and work.

General Outcomes and Objectives of Music

  1. Musical training helps develop language and reasoning.
  2. Students learn to improve their work from given feedback.
  3. Matures the ability to increase co-ordination.
  4. Develops creativity, imagination and curiosity.
  5. Increased understanding of teamwork and betters self-confidence.

GCSE Music

GCSE Music will provide a contemporary, accessible and creative education in Music with an integrated approach to the three main elements – performing, composing and appraising.

The course includes an integrated performance and composition component, practical portfolio and an examined listening examination.

Havering Music School

The instrumental and vocal lessons are organised and delivered by the Havering Music School and student currently receive lessons in a variety of instruments.  The Havering Music School work in partnership with Abbs Cross Academy and they enable instrumental learners to develop their skills in solo performance, theory and ensemble performance.  For more information on instrumental lessons for Abbs Cross Academy students, please contact the Havering Music School.


The Music Department is open regularly over the school week, allowing students to book the space for rehearsals and studying at lunchtime and after school.

The Music Department offer a variety of dance clubs and companies:

Young Voices: This vocal company has performed at the O2 and multiple internal events.  Young Voices rehearse once a week, at lunchtime, learning lyrics to current chart songs, in the music department.

Percussion Club: KS3 students are invited to learn multiple percussion instruments from around the world, during lunchtime, in the music department.

Ukulele Club: An opportunity for year 7 and 8 students to enhance their ukulele skills, attained during their music curriculum.  The club is run at lunchtime and regular attendees will have the opportunity to perform at the ‘Winter Variety Performance’.