GCSE Results 2018

65% – 9 – 4

Media is all around us, ingrained in what we do. This subject is an excellent opportunity for students to develop enquiry, critical thinking and decision-making skills through the study of a variety of media texts and formats, audiences and institutions. Students are encouraged to become independent in their thinking and apply this through research and analysis.

The media has an enormous influence on how students learn about social and personal matters such as perceptions of gender roles, ethnicity and a range of social groups. The media influences how students deal with moral issues and perceptions of behaviour, justice and fairness in their lives. Students very often take the Media for granted, without thinking about the ideological messages and values media texts convey. We want students to think critically and independently about these messages and values, to question and challenge them and to consider alternatives.

Media students, like us all, are already, consumers of media in one way or another as cinema viewers, phone addicts, internet gamers etc. We are all able to access and consume the media in various ways. This subject allows them to continue but to also explore processes and contexts, whilst adapting and refining technological skills through media production, filming, editing, creating and completing a variety of their own media products. Media is a vibrant and dynamic area not only to study at GCSE, further and higher education, but also in a bustling, energetic industry. This subject enables students to prepare to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices.

Media Studies offers a new and exciting curriculum, utilizing technology within the school such as a specific media rooms housing a suite of PCs and Macs featuring Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop and editing facilities.