The aim of the History Department at Abbs Cross Academy is to develop in students a real interest in the past, to help them understand the present. In this sense we support the Humanities faculty in its aim of teaching students about humans’ interaction with the historical, the geographical, cultural, spiritual and moral dimensions of the world we live in.  The Department believes in using the medium of film in making History more real to the students and many lessons include enlightening and sometimes emotional footage that certainly makes the students think!

History can empower students, opening up academic opportunities and skills important to the modern working world. It will help young people understand the society in which they live, help develop a common identity and appreciation of modern British values: democracy, rule of law, liberty and tolerance.

In order for students to study history we appreciate that students must be equipped with both literacy and critical thinking skills. We therefore aim to support the school’s whole school literacy plan, and help students become academic writers.

At Key Stage 3, Years 7-9, pupils develop an understanding of causation, significance, interpretations and source analysis skills. They engage with history through a study of British history, organised chronologically. Students are regularly assessed and monitored so that we can celebrate achievement and adapt teaching and learning. At KS4 our pupils once again visited Vimy Ridge and the Somme, alongside the Secret Nuclear Bunker, in Ongar. We look forward to offering these trips again to students.

Support for your learning

To support pupils learning we encourage them to visit these recommended websites:        (Bitesize)                  The British Cartoon Archive