I am delighted to welcome you to the Abbs Cross website.

At Abbs Cross we believe in developing our students so that they are able to achieve their potential both academically and as members of our community.  We work on the traditional values of respect, discipline and tolerance to prepare our students for the challenges of examinations, social interactions and the world of work.  We want all of our students to find their passion and have the tools to pursue their dreams.

As part of the Loxford School Trust we are able to work within a hub of schools, led by Loxford School, an Outstanding school, thus ensuring that our staff are able to deliver the highest educational standards.  This enables us to stay ahead of an ever evolving education system and a constantly changing society.

We have a strong pastoral system and curriculum to allow us to ensure that our students are happy, safe and challenged in all they do at school.  We work closely with our parents and our community in order to achieve the best for all in our school.

We believe that every student has the potential to achieve greatness and will work with every student to ensure that they get there.

Our website should answer many of your queries but we always welcome visitors to our school.


Nicola Jethwa, Headteacher.