Abbs Cross Academy is part of a Multi-Academy Trust, led by Loxford School which has been officially recognised by the government as a High Performing School and judged to be an Outstanding school in their most recent Ofsted inspection, April 2013. This inspection found the school to be outstanding in every one of the inspection measures – one of the few schools in the country to achieve a ‘perfect’ Ofsted inspection.


2018 – 2019

Mission Statement

We will maximise the effectiveness of learning opportunities and technologies to provide our children with high levels of attainment and achievement.  This will be provided in a well-ordered, reflective, enterprising and collaborative environment in which all participants are respected and are enabled to fulfil their potential and to make a positive contribution to the development of our culturally rich community.


Values, Vision and Mission

Through our policies, practice, evaluation and celebration we shall illustrate our commitment to:

  1. All humanity, respecting the rich diversity of individual, family and community life; specifically recognising and supporting the primary entitlement of all in the development of their own spiritual and emotional well-being and of a positive self-esteem.
  2. The fulfilment of personal potential through educational opportunity, based on the aspirations of individuals, appropriate to their needs and accessible to their circumstances.
  3. Innovative and flexible approaches to teaching and learning, effectively deployed to raise student aspirations; grounded in realistic self-appraisal, fuelled by clear visionary inspirations, driven by supportive staff, and resourced by state of the art facilities within a purposeful and attractive environment inspired by a clarity of vision from the school’s leaders.
  4. A broad, balanced and personalised curriculum, enhanced by our distinctive focus on Science, Technology and Languages, supported by effective deployment of a range of educational technologies.
  5. A variety of differentiated accreditation opportunities for all children based upon competencies, aptitudes and a pro-active approach to equality of opportunity for all, including securing the basic skills of literacy and numeracy as access keys to the curriculum.
  6. The provision of distinctive and high quality post-16 education, reflective of the School’s specialisms and with a focus on lifelong learning and collaboration with our community.
  7. A committed, well-resourced staff including colleagues from outside conventional roles, deployed where appropriate to enhance the learning process.


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