Library Opening Times

Monday – Friday: 

08.10 am – 08.45 am     Library open for independent study
The Library is also open at break and lunch-time
3.15 pm – 4.30 pm         Homework Club

The library is very much at the heart of the school and is a multi-functional space where students are able to pursue a range of activities including private study and homework. The library is well stocked with over ten thousand fiction, non-fiction and reference books and magazines.

The library supports the school’s commitment to Accelerated Reading and students are encouraged to read and may borrow up to two books at any one time in order to develop the ability to engage with a broad range of texts. There is a two week loan period, but books may be renewed at the end of this time. Reading should be an enjoyable experience so we have included a suite of sofas and armchairs for private reading.  A student team of librarians and library assistants are on hand to help with any queries.

There are 14 computer workstations with several tables for group work and this allows our teaching staff to use the facilities during the day for lessons that require different forms of IT or research.

The library is open every day from 8.10am until 8.55am for independent study and again at break and lunch times.

When the Academy day finishes, there is the opportunity, between until 4.30 for students to attend Homework Club where there is a team of dedicated staff on hand to help.