Indian Music Workshop

GCSE Music Year 10 and year 9 prospective GCSE Music students, were lucky enough to participate in a music workshop, led by ‘Music Teachers 4 Schools’.

Students worked for 2 hours, using multiple percussion instruments, including the ‘tabla’.  Students learned the ‘raag’ (or raga), which is the melodic framework for improvisation within Indian classical music.  Student were able to experiment with the notes provided by Michael, creating melodic structures with musical motifs, considered  in the Indian traditions to have the ability to affect the emotions of the audience, drawing them in and allowing for enjoyment and curiosity.

All of the participating students loved the workshop and were able to record their group performance of the raag, impressing staff and visitors alike, through instrumental improvisation skills and team work.

Michael Broad who ran the workshop said ‘The students at Abbs Cross were a credit to the Academy and to yourself [Mrs Jethwa].  Their behaviour was exemplary and all students participated enthusiastically with the workshop.  The students were confident enough to take risks and were happy to share their musical ideas with other students in the group.’

Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College’s Music Department would like to thank ‘Music Teachers 4 Schools’, for visiting our academy and providing such an insightful and interesting performance Indian workshop.

Miss L Monaghan

(CTL of Performing Arts)