A Dramatic Week for English Students

The first week of October was a dramatic one for many pupils at Abbs Cross.  Trips were organised by the English department to see performances in the West End of Othello and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.  Both productions were innovative, challenging versions of texts studied in English lessons.  Pupils and staff were well entertained and left the play buzzing with new ideas about the texts they study in lessons.

Some pupil reviews can be read below.

Our Othello trip to the Ambassadors Theatre in London was a very enjoyable one.  The National Youth Theatre shifted the William Shakespeare classic from Cyprus and Venice during war to inner city 21st century Britain.


The performance helped me understand Othello a lot more and it was a good experience to see a Shakespeare play. I found that it helped me understand the key ideas and characters of the play, especially the characters of Iago and Othello. It showed how Iago was a manipulative, sly man during his soliloquies when he often talked directly to the audience. In addition, I was really able to see and understand Othello’s change in character.


Many people liked how it was set in 21st century Britain. I would have preferred it if it was set in the original setting and era, where it would have matched the way they spoke.

It was a wonderful afternoon seeing a play outside the classroom.  I enjoyed the trip, including the coach journey to and from the theatre. The performance has helped me with my understanding and study of Othello in my English lessons and will help me when learning about other Shakespeare plays.


Maisie Sheehy 9R


On Tuesday, Year 9 went to see a modern adaptation of Othello by the National Youth Theatre in London.


We boarded the coach at 12:00 and travelled to London, driving past the Tower of London and some other famous landmarks on the way to the Ambassadors Theatre.


The theatre was very cosy and warm, and the stage setup was intriguing because it wasn’t what you’d expect from a play set so long ago. During the play there were a few electric scenes that I thought were really clever. I also thought that the way it was set in a pub was very inventive.


The National Youth Theatre showed us how the play can have many interpretations; their performance showed us the play in an entirely different light. The production focused on and explored the gender inequality and divide more than the racial inequality that is the usual focus in performances of Othello.


In conclusion, I think that the production was very well thought-out and was very well made. I recommend going to see this intriguing, funny and exciting production.


Hannah Barham 9R